To the people we loved that hurt us.

Whatever happened to hearts?

All that love given…

And we just gave.

You did not always give back

Some of you never gave at all

Yet it did not always matter.

There is an act called consideration,

A regard the heart pays;

You should try it –

And there may be where the problem lies.

You have not tried,

Or have you ever?

The plea in each word we spoke,

The tears we cried

Did they mean anything?

Sometimes the knowing is in the doing;

Only this time, you have no idea what you have done.

To the ones we trusted that betrayed us.

Well, it’s in the past.

But you do know that long after the body is done,

memories live on.

What were you thinking?

The things we shared.

There is a word called ‘Sacred’

And an act that follows through.

Did you see the pain in our eyes?

Hear the disappointment in our voices?

Oh you did not…

Or maybe you did

but just did not care.

So when the mouth spoke,

the mind did not care what the heart would feel.

How easy it was to bury your conscience…

To those we revered that let us down.

Well, what can we say?

The power you held!

And you knew it too.

Looking to you like tree branches towards the sun.

Remember when we turned to you in our imperfections?

How you would judge us!

Void of empathy,

Words hasty

Eyes proper.

Perfect symbol of virtue.

How could we have known?

One thing in the dark,

Another in the light.

And to think we questioned our own selves.

What wrong did we do?

Was it not ever enough?

By what were we blinded?

Pain or Love?

But we thank you.

For now we see clearly-

We think different. distinct.

Uneasy may have been the years

But wisdom profitable has finally shaped our tears to laughter

And oh we laugh!

Even we did not know we would ever again do that.

Faith has healed us;

And time – as time is with most things –

has caused the sun to set on our grief.

And after all these,

If whatever fortune unpredictable

sets upon our life’s path

that which is  unwholesome to our existence,

We shall turn our backs with grit.

You see,

True loss is not really in loving

but more in holding back.

Only now,

it is love with the eyes of renewed understanding.


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