What would it be like to throw your bedspread underneath your bed and lie on it with the bed over you for a change?

It would be an entirely different experience, it would seem peculiar also but you would have testimony to action.

What would be your narrative if you lived life differently?

Imagine life on an altered pedestal…values, opinions, attitude, loved ones, physical structure, experiences and everything else important to your make-up ; all poles apart from what you are now. Or imaginably, same physical structure and every other thing different except for your soul . The very essence of you.


You would still be you but your response to stimuli would be dissimilar… What might that other life hold for you?

Think about those moments of uncertainties that robbed you of your self-confidence. What if you had made a bold conscious effort to grasp some distant possible certainty right then, right there or even later? You keep a strong front, ready to put up a fight for what you want – your health, job, self esteem, respect, relationships .

How is your life supposed to improve if you don’t take small chances? In the life you live now, your inexperience robs you of courage- which is natural, only difference is you do one of two things: You remain motionless with no attempt at triumph OR make a small effort but concede defeat after intimidation.Visualize you scaling the fence of your fears.

How about taking on something bigger than yourself ? At least you know you tried…

Okay. What about that other life where you let yourself be a madcap for a wee time? Where you are even a bit eccentric . Did you not ever consider a world consisting of you as the main performer where you did not have to be so predictable and you could be unconventional…extraordinary; a life where you possess the ability to bounce people off their perfect balance, get mysterious looks, have them not really understand you sometimes because of the oddly astonishing things you unexpectedly do. Imagine a life where you permit your person to be childlike, enjoying the basic simple things in life…and not meditate on it as a sin.

In this other life, you clearly understand that your ability to laugh may just save the day so you take responsibility for your own happiness and cultivate joy. Do you realize that your life can be joyously dreamlike? If you believe . Like a child; because that is what children do, that’s how they live – they just exercise wonderful faith. Here, you enjoy the light side of life, embracing the uncomplicated things, treasuring them and turning them into permanent gains.

And then you might be thinking : suppose you schooled yourself to total seriousness or at the very least, a moderate amount of solemnity… what, don’t you ever want to be taken seriously?

Here I am sitting, writing and wondering about Love…in all its spheres. Love in all its delightful realms. Do you know the smell of love? Alright you do not. But invent another life and assume that you did know. What would it be for you? What would it mean to you? How would you love differently? Or if you already knew how to love, what would you do some more… or less? Deeper family relations, treat friends better, be kinder to strangers, revel in the pleasure of acceptance and sincerity between you and your partner…

Painfully sad but especially in these times, the problem with relationships of all types is that the desire to conquer and rule is deeper, by far greater and overwhelms the need to love.

So what if, just what if in this life, you learned to love sincerely? And you, yes you! How about letting yourself be loved without scheming to acquire from the ones loving you? While you generate love, you are toughened, uninhibited, you learn that kindness and self-respect keep you exempt from the social tribulations that others experience.

Suppose we weigh up the moments of pride that did not let us admit ignorance and yet we would not let others have their say? Exaggerated self-importance that made us think we were always right and the rest of the world indefinitely wrong?

Would it be a lack of ambition to say that you don’t have to endlessly strive for perfection? That you can actually be sincere with yourself and your weaknesses and believe God for help?

If you have a tendency to see things a certain way but it is not helping you to have that point of view, in this other life you have the power to change your perspective. You have the power to do away with displays of immaturity and inflexibility. This is the life that provides you the opportunity to rectify mistakes, apologize for past hurts, respect other people and opinions, admit to wrong doing.

It would be a change to listen to sound advice, to not argue unnecessarily simply because your strength of comprehension is more than raised voices.

What if you learned to keep a secret? What if people had more faith in you than they do now?

And if you did not give a response to every comment ?

Try putting less effort into impressing people, you will find that many of these people are just people. Simply. Like you. Only they are either more opportune in certain areas or are more apt at covering inconsistencies.

You may find that if you put the dots together, some people around you are all show and when you scratch beneath the surface you discover they have little to boast about and so you see that here in this imaginary other life , you learn the benefits of caution.

Might life be easier if you appreciated a neighbor’s good fortune, no envy, no resentment, only joy at anothers success?

What if you were not afraid to fight or fail? But then, what if you chose your battles carefully?

And if you were kind ?

Assume that you stop living in the past, adjust to your current realities instead and try to make necessary changes.

If you were a weaker person than you are now, would you be in danger or would it just be a case of not being able to deal with some things?

And if you were stronger?

If you had great power, what would you do with it? What if you had so much wealth you could buy yourself ANYTHING in the world?

What if you could speak and have thousands, millions rush to fulfill your demands?

Most importantly, if you got an opening to do what you like, what choices would you make? Would they be different, the same or the same with just some minor changes?

Playing with pretty visions of what you wish could be is a great way to pass the time. Wanting another life is more than entertaining notions. You take chances because they might come true- and they might not.

It is a world of whole possibilities and the most difficult chance to take will usually be being honest with yourself: If it does not serve any practical purpose, it serves no purpose. You really want that life?

On the other hand, if life turns out to be a little out of the ordinary, so much the better. By now, you know what I mean… Cheers!    


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