Why do children want to grow up so fast ? 
It appears they don’t know what they have, how relaxed their lives are: less responsibilities, people to clean up after them…excuses are even made for them. I almost groan in pain when I hear “I can’t wait to grow up”
       Dreams of growing up,  all the marvellous things they can do… the catch here must be the thought of freedom. Do what you like when you like however way you like with whoever you like for as long as you like.
If they only knew…
    Youth favours us with moments we spend wishing and willing time to pass. The problem is it always seems so slow, the road always seems so long and a tendency towards wastage is developed; procrastinating many right things always for another time. Always next time. Slowly, surely and unconsciously settling into a warm, sweet, inviting but unhealthy pattern until !
One day we realize the years have passed by quickly, the road isn’t so long anymore nor is it as smooth as we once knew it to be. Suddenly it’s no long stretch ahead. We may not be able to see the end, yes but we see the other half.
Suddenly there isn’t the luxury of ANOTHER TIME or there is that luxury but not sufficient for abuse or time to make up for time NEXT TIME.
Childhood is uncomplicated.
Adulthood has it’s perks … DEFINITELY…
Come on now! – If it was such wonderful wonderful wonderful pleasure to grow old (and in a way it is, weird enough), why the need to retain youth?  Why do we try to be forever young? Explain the daily struggle to keep fit. How is it that cosmetics are still in heavy trade?
…and ummm…how come someone’s always a few years younger than they originally are?
Time can not be trusted. It’s nobody’s friend. Make it a friend if you wish, that’s fine by it. 
     Time will be there when it will. It will always – hear me – ALWAYS be there for you. Do what you think best however way you wish with whoever you wish for as long as you wish. It won’t protest at misuse or rejoice at decency – merely takes care of people as they take care of it.
Time minds it’s business…so we think until a hidden truth is brought to light.
Why else do people confidently say time will tell ?
     Time is open, so open it’s like an over-indulgent parent. It keeps giving options, placing your destiny in your hands and in turn watchs as you place it in whatever other hands you deem fit.
     It gives the illusion sometimes of freezing when it’s actually giving us a chance to backtrack, clarify and realize. It allows us to dream but if we dream so much we forget to live then… But when time is done, it’s done. It simply moves on to history.
     Looking at my parents and having it dawn on me that they are aging and except the world ends in the next 100 years (yes, 100…that’s my best consolation) , they won’t always be here… I don’t like it at all. I so hate that truth because it doesn’t set me free.
     Kids don’t know how envied they are. How the adults they so much want to be like ironically want to be them. They don’t realize that adults are just grown-up, beaten, bitten, hardened, wised up, wizened, complicated, over thinking children.
They don’t know that adults are foolish too – and God help us if they ever discover they are sometimes wiser than us!…you know it’s true.
     On the bright side though, I did read somewhere from Samuel Ullman – and it has been proven true constantly so you better believe – that youth is not a time of life; It is a state of mind and a matter of will.
Youth is quality of imagination and vigor of emotions.
If you understand this, you surely are a wise old child.

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